Thursday, April 15, 2010

Build a Plane – Are you CRAZY?!!

Build a Plane – Are you CRAZY?!!
Ok... I’m going to do it… I’m going to build an airplane. Not a small balsa wood model or even a big balsa wood model. Nope! This is going to be a for-real airplane -> 2 place, all metal, “jack-of-all” trades type plane.

It’s really not as crazy as you would think. Thousands of people have done it before.

Heck – My dad build his C-GYRV (Yukon RV). It’s a tandem 2-place kit plane (RV-4) manufactured by Vans Aircraft

Even my mom got into the action and built her C-FBJJ (Built by Jean & Jack)…. Hers is an RV-9A (the A signifies a tricycle gear) - a 2 place, side-by-side kit also sold by Vans Aircraft.

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